BabbleLabs Introduces Clear to Enhance Speech Applications for Everyone

BabbleLabs, an emerging start-up changing communication between humans and machines, introduced the BabbleLabs Clear product family to enhance speech quality, accuracy, and personalization. Accessible through an easy to use, single-line cloud API, the Clear Cloud product delivers speech enhancement technology driven by a powerful combination of digital signal processing (DSP) and deep neural networks (DNN) trained with a massive specialized data set.

The Clear Cloud API enables automatic, high quality speech enhancement, best in class general noise reduction, and audio/video processing. Potential uses include business platform software incorporating interactive voice recording (IVR), professional and amateur audio/video production, digital voicemail, games and entertainment, and more.

Clear Cloud says it reduces a key measure of unintelligibility by more than 55% in high noise conditions (Normalized Covariance Metric), producing speech output that is more intelligible and pleasing to the human ear. Compared to traditional speech enhancement methods, the API applies a higher level of speech enhancement with less effort. Clear Cloud runs on Google Cloud, making it quick and easy for customers to access the API and process the data stream.

BabbleLabs’ Clear neural network has been trained with hundreds of thousands of hours of unique noisy speech data using NVIDIA V100 GPUs. The speech enhanced breakthrough results enable the technology to cover a comprehensive range of vocabulary, accents, languages, and capture conditions.

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