Babel TTS Deployed at Belgian Supermarket

MONS, BELGIUM - Babel Technologies S.A. announced that Fulltec has included Babel's BrightSpeech Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine in it's PC DIGISPOT product for public announcement systems in commercial surfaces. BrightSpeech French is expected to enhance the flexibility and user-friendliness of the announcement systems in supermarkets and stores. The PC DIGISPOT is a Windows-based software solution from Fulltec offering a solutions for announcements and music installations in commercial surfaces. It runs on a PC and features an amplifier and studio tool for recording spots with synthetic speech. BrightSpeech French enhances the use of the PC DIGISPOT for promotions, stock, special events etc. "Professional announcement system for large commercial surfaces enter a new era in terms of flexibility, reaction time and user-friendliness with the addition of Babel's BrightSpeech text-to-speech," said Jacques Mitchell, managing director of Fulltec. "The AD Delhaize in Chimay will soon show proof of this new and successful approach toward public announcements." "We are really happy that Fulltec chose BrightSpeech for deployment with its professional announcement system," said Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel Technologies. "First of all, it proves that BrightSpeech passed the test in terms of naturalness as it is being operated for large areas where commercial spots bring instant information of quality. It gives to the business a flexible, real-time announcement tool. Secondly, for Babel, it opens unlimited possibilities for similar applications: think about information or announcement systems in train or bus stations, airports, the underground, or other public places."
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