Bankinter and Vodafone Spain Launch Multimodal Broker Application

- As a result of their collaboration agreement for the development of products and banking services through mobile devices, Bankinter and Vodafone Spain have launched the "Multimodal Broker" application, a "brokerage" application that allows stock exchange transactions through the mobile telephone using voice commands.

The "Multimodal Broker" is a system that expands the capabilities of the "Broker" application through the mobile telephone. The "Broker" application was launched by Bankinter and Vodafone Spain last January, and allowed the bank's customers to be permanently connected to the markets and to operate in more than 20 national and international stock markets.

The operations currently available in the new "Multimodal Broker" include: stock price quotations, stock sale-purchase transactions in real time, alert registration, portfolio search, and order cancellations.

In developing the application, Bankinter and Vodafone Spain have collaborated with Kirusa and Internet Systems.


The client says what he wants to do, without the need to remember in which menu he will find the option to be used; and without the need of mandatory use of the keyboard.

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