BigHand Adds Features to iPhone Dictation App

BigHand has launched the second iteration of its BigHand for iPhone App. The iPhone dictation app forms part of BigHand’s Enterprise Edition, which is used by more than 100,000 busy professionals, including lawyers, surveyors, accountants, and doctors, to manage their workload and produce documents while mobile.

With the new version of the dictation application, users can:

  • record speech, edit, insert, overwrite, fast forward, or rewind;
  • eake photos from within the app and attach them automatically to dictation files;
  • expedite document production by setting a priority level;
  • convert voice to text via a server-based engine if no PA support is available;
  • view work lists and track live progress updates;
  • manage recordings; and
  • receive automatic notifications about completed documents and review as required.

BigHand for iPhone software, specified for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4, is available from the App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bighand/id363744433?mt=8.

“While mobile professionals face a myriad of challenges in working effectively away from their main office or site, using BigHand they can significantly and instantly improve their out-of-office document production efficiency," said Asif Ali, BigHand's head of products. "Now, for example, any CEO only needs to be armed with their iPhone plus the BigHand app to instantly record and send verbal tasks to team members and track the progress of delegated work in real time. It will also enable them to take photos and record associated notes, convert those notes to text, and access office-based secretarial assistance for their longer document or report requirements.”

Full BigHand for iPhone functionality, such as sending, tracking, working, or converting voice-to-text, requires a licence key activation via a connection to a BigHand Enterprise installation, details of which available at www.bighand.com. Free App Store download (without licence key) allows only recording, editing and in-built photo capability.

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