BigHand for BlackBerry Mobilizes Property Surveyors

Independent building surveyor firm Kirsop & Co has implemented the BigHand for BlackBerry smartphones application throughout the company.

Previously working with out-moded and expensive analogue tapes for all dictated work, surveyors and secretaries found it difficult to effectively manage incoming workload. Surveyors, who often find themselves working out of the office, acknowledged that there was a time delay between returning tapes to the office and the work being actioned.

Due to the implementation of BigHand, all dictations are now sent directly from the surveyors' BlackBerry smartphones immediately as they are prepared. The ability for secretaries to share work has also made a remarkable difference to the operating function of the office. Surveyors now dictate entirely from their BlackBerry devices, 75 percent of the time out of the office, and dictations can be instantly submitted back to the office from any location to be dealt with immediately.

Susan Kirsop commented;"Surveyors spend a lot time out of the office. With the use of analogue tapes, secretaries had the issue of 'all or nothing'. Surveyors would normally dictate onto tapes, which would not be available until the Surveyor could deliver the tape back to the office to pass over to the secretaries. Many dictations would not be project-specific on one tape, making prioritizing and sharing workload difficult. Each dictation is now project-specific and sent immediately.

The main benefit of BigHand for BlackBerry smartphones has been the absence of the need to return to the office to drop-off dictations. Secretaries now have access to visible workloads, detailed on screen, and more important, status updates, providing a greater control of incoming workloads."

Kirsop & Co joins more than 1,000 firms with more thn 100,000 users worldwide that have implemented BigHand voice technology to increase productivity and streamline processes.

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