Boost IVR Performance and Call Quality

NEW YORK—Plum Voice Portals announces some enhancements to the Plum VoiceXML IVR platform that boost the performance, the call quality and the manageability of Plum's best-in-class interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. The latest Plum platform upgrades optimize enterprise and call center IVR by strengthening the speed, clarity, and accuracy of call dialogues and improving the ability to monitor call transactions.

The new version of the Plum VoiceXML IVR platform delivers multiple benefits across the board to IVR callers and application developers as well as customer service and call center administrators. Callers using Plum IVR systems will be notice quicker response times enabled by reductions in application latency. Measures, such as audio streaming and the ability to cache converted audio files, help generate faster IVR interactions. Considerable improvements in speech recognition further enrich the caller experience and bring call quality to new heights.

Customer service managers and call center administrators will also appreciate the new platform enhancements, as they gain the ability to record and then archive dialogues and transactions that happen in the IVR. With call recording, the captured data can then be easily retrieved for auditing and analysis, offering an effective and efficient way to manage IVR transactions.

"The enhancements to the Plum VoiceXML IVR platform come at a time when the reliance on self-service technologies is rapidly growing. As more enterprises turn to self-service phone options to facilitate customer service, IVR systems are assuming a more critical role in the way companies do business," says Matt Ervin, Managing Director of Plum Voice Portals.


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