Brooktrout Partners with WRSystems and Diaphonics

ATLANTA, GA - Brooktrout Technology Inc., a supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products, announced that WRSystems Ltd. has deployed a national test site based on Spike Server, a security system offered by its partner, Diaphonics. Spike Server is a hardware and software solution that identifies callers using voice biometrics, and records key parts of transactions along with identifying information. Brooktrout's TR1000 speech recognition platform is used in Diaphonics' Spike Server to provide advanced audio processing and telephony call control. WRSystems, a leading provider of strategic software development/integration, intelligence analysis, and secured network support services and products for industry and government, has deployed the Spike Server for use as a national test site for security applications. WRSystems uses the Spike Server's unique voice biometrics technology, call recording capabilities and audit trail technology. Spike Server guards against fraud, enhances security and creates a record for telephone and Internet transactions. Diaphonics' SoundByte technology extracts signal information from an audio file to create a small digital watermark of that larger file that enables the Spike Server to connect the caller's identity to the transaction for financial services, brokerage firms, and government, law enforcement and healthcare agencies. The test site deployed by WRSystems will be used to demonstrate and validate the use of advanced voice biometrics technology within a wide range of government security applications. The ability to identify callers and create recordings with verifiable audit trails will enable the development of innovative new applications driven by the increased focus on homeland security. "We were especially impressed with Brooktrout's level of direct technical support," said Chuck Woods, director of Business Development at WRSystems. "When we were out in the field and deploying our test site, we could count on Brooktrout to answer our questions quickly and help us with any technical issues that arose." "Our Spike Server takes advantage of Brootkrout's TR1000 advanced call recording technology to record the key details of the voice transaction," said Jeremy Bernard, director of Marketing for Diaphonics. "We have had a successful relationship with Brooktrout and we look forward to partnering with them as the market grows and companies like WRSystems deploy exciting new applications." The TR1000 media resource platform is optimized for speech solutions, with advanced long-tail echo cancellation and integrated Voice Activity Detection to improve system accuracy and performance. In addition to voice biometrics, the TR1000 supports cost-effective, scalable solutions such as speech-enabled unified communications, Internet voice messaging, personal agents (find me/follow me services), and automated operator services. Driven by needs ranging from security to fraud protection to quality of service, applications for monitoring, surveillance and recording are growing in importance and sophistication. In addition to the TR1000, Brooktrout's Netaccess® network interface and signaling products are ideally suited for surveillance and monitoring applications. The Netaccess NS301™ provides support for high-impedance tap, call control packet processing and signal processing as well as on-board packet manipulation through our unique packet relay (Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring™) feature. This carrier grade hardware platform speeds system development and reduces time to market by providing a flexible and low-level API and growing list of US and international telephony approvals.
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