Brooktrout Supports Microsoft Speech Server with Its Telephony Interface Manager

NEW YORK - Brooktrout Technology, Inc announced its Telephony Interface Manager (TIM) for Microsoft Speech Server. Brooktrout is collaborating with Intervoice to integrate the Intervoice Omvia® Voice Framework on Brooktrout™s TR1000 speech platform.

In addition to its work with Microsoft, Brooktrout collaborated with Intervoice to ensure that packaged and custom applications written to the Intervoice Omvia Voice Framework will work on the TR1000 for Microsoft Speech Server. Intervoice will also be offering CTI and VoiceXML add-on modules that will be compatible with Brooktrout™'s TR1000 platform.

Brooktrout™s TR1000 platform provides advanced speech recognition and improved host performance for Microsoft Speech Server giving customers better results with Speech Application Language Tags (SALT)-based telephony and multimodal applications. Brooktrout will accelerate the adoption of new IT-centric applications that support business process automation, including speech-enabled auto-attendant, sales force automation and speaker authentication.

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