CT ADE 11 Coming to an IVR Near You, Says Syntellect

In the midst of a flurry of anticipated changes, Syntellect has begun development on the 11th version of its CT Application Development Environment (CT ADE) and simultaneously dropped the price of its current iteration to $189 per port.

The new version is said to expand support capabilities with Visual Studio 2008, Dialogic Host Media Processing Software, and streaming video. It will also sport expanded support for its speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) engines and an “enhanced and improved” user interface. According to an open letter from Syntellect, these updates are driven by customer demand.

Among the other reasons cited for the move to a new version, a continued relationship with Dialogic figures prominently.

“As development progresses, Syntellect’s long-standing relationship with Dialogic will ensure that CT ADE remains closely coupled to Dialogic solutions, especially as it relates to progress on multimedia support with Host Media Processing (HMP) 3.0 and future versions,” the company writes in a prepared statement.

The existing version of CT ADE currently offers support for Dialogic System Release 6.0, Dialogic HMP Software 3.0, and associated media/interface boards, speech recognition, TTS, multimedia and video.

Syntellect is also looking to overhaul how it interacts with customers and how they interact with each other. In addition to the new release and price cuts, Syntellect also plans to build a developers community around its CT ADE product. The company will host message boards, documentation, programming tools, application files, and blogs, all aimed at providing developers with tips, applications, and best practices. The community is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

The company will also be revamping its maintenance and support terms.

“Through our recent discussions with many of you, it is clear that our standardized approach to support and maintenance does not satisfy the unique needs of our diverse channel base,” the company confesses in an open letter.

Syntellect says that it has heard the concerns and is looking to re-engage its customers on terms that fit their specific needs. It urges customers to contact account managers to secure their customized support offering.

CT ADE version 11 is scheduled for release in mid-2010.

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