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World of Fully Human Robots Still Pretty Far Off: Thoughts from SpeechTEK's Final Day

Not everything needs to—or should—sound like a human.

On SpeechTek's First Day, Cross-Channel Integration Is King

Sixty-five percent of contact centers are handling traffic over at least six channels.

The Intelligent System: Thoughts From Day Two of SpeechTek 2013

Mobile devices are now expected to "know" their users.

Tips for a Successful Voice Biometrics Deployment

From vendor selection to customer outreach, organizations must prepare for the various implementation stages.

How to Know When Your Speech System Is Too Old

Customer dissatisfaction is the first indication, as the IVR begins to cost more to maintain than to replace

Mobile Speech Promises Glittering Prizes and Serious Challenges

SpeechTEK 2011 keynote panel explores why mobility is a game changer for the speech industry

Views from SpeechTEK 2011: Smartphones Set to Revolutionize Self-Service

Explosive growth in this market is also seen in developing world. Is owning a mobile device now "a human right"?

SpeechTEK 2011 Theme: We're Drowning in Data

The state of speech analytics takes center stage at annual conference.

Mobile Speech Promises Glittering Prizes But Also Serious Challenges

Keynote panel at SpeechTEK 2011 explores smartphone frontier.

SendMe Does a High Five(9) Over IVR Savings

Strong growth prompted the mobile content provider to find a new vendor for a ‘rip-and-replace' system

Market Leaders: Speech Engine

Market Leaders: Speech Analytics

Market Leaders: Mobile Voice Search

In the Future Everything Will Be Modular—Or at Least VoiceXML

VoiceXML 3.0 looks to solve everything you didn't like about VoiceXML 2.0.

Furnishing Callers with a Better Experience

IKEA's German unit installs an IVR to reduce call times.

Panel Shows How to Run Speech Solutions in Lean Times

Two vendors explain how to squeeze a dime from a speech solution.

Panel Dishes on the Advantages of Hosted, Managed, and SaaSed Speech

Four high-level executives from top hosted speech firms talk about what makes sense in hosting.

Speech Poised to Dominate the Mobile Market

Analyst Bill Meisel and designer Philip Hunter look to the future of speech in the mobile space and beyond.

Interactive Virtual Agents and Avatars

Going Steady

How to get your vendor relationship off on the right foot.

Avaya (Finally) Closes Deal for Nortel Assets

After entering into an agreement to purchase the Enterprise Solutions businesses of Nortel Networks, Avaya finally seals the deal.

Virgin Airlines Goes for Second Helping of TuVox

Virgin America signs a new deal with IVR provider TuVox that will last until 2012.

The 2009 Speech Luminaries

The 2009 Star performers

The 2009 Market Leaders

Next-Generation Smartphones

Nuance Under Antitrust Investigation

The U.S. Justice Department has confirmed that it is looking into Nuance's acquisition of Philips Speech Recognition.

Avaya Seeks to Buy Nortel's Assets

The two firms have entered into an agreement for Avaya to buy Nortel's Enterprise Solutions business for $475 million.

KM Supplier Looks to Gain in IVR Space

eGain Communications has launched an interactive voice response system, signaling its entry into the voice self-service market.

The Advantages of Hosted, Managed, and SaaS’d Speech

Four high-level executives from top hosted speech firms talk about what makes sense in hosting at SpeechTEK 2009.

Speech Poised to Dominate Mobile Market

Analyst Bill Meisel and designer Philip Hunter look to the future of speech in the mobile space and beyond.

Running Your Speech Solutions Clean in Lean Times

Two vendors explain how to squeeze a dime from a speech solution at SpeechTEK 09.

CT ADE 11 Coming to an IVR Near You, Says Syntellect

Syntellect announces the 11th version of CT ADE with simultaneous price reductions on its current offering.

Nuance Narrows its Third Quarter Losses

According to postings this week, Nuance Communications has drastically reduced its $10 million Q3 from 2008.

SpinVox Looks to Portugal, Brazil, and Italy with API

SpinVox makes a play for Portuguese- and Italian-speaking markets with new language support for its API.

Ipadio Selects SpinVox to Power Android App

Audio-to-Web provider Ipadia has partnered with SpinVox to add speech recognition to its offering.

SVOX Looks to Brazil for Ripe, Untapped Revenue Streams

Amid the worst global recession in years, the Zurich-based embedded speech provider offers Brazilian Portuguese speakers speech output across its products.

Nortel Looking to Sell Enterprise Business to Avaya

Avaya's $475 million bid for Nortel's Enterprise Solutions businesses awaits court approval.

UPDATED: Nuance Comes Under Government Scrutiny

Justice Department confirms an antitrust investigation into Nuance's acquisition of Philips Speech Recognition.

Nuance Comes Under Government Scrutiny

Justice Department confirms an antitrust investigation into Nuance's acquisition of Philips Speech Recognition

The Quest for the Gold Foil Stamp

Patents: the ever-changing pitfalls, dangers, and opportunities of intellectual property.

Mobile Speech Set to Grow During the Next Five Years

Datamonitor predicts a positive outlook for speech in the mobile space.

Gaining Insight over a Global Network

Speech analytics helps EarthLink better manage outsourced operations.

Testing and Tuning Solutions

Bookshare Teams Up with Code Factory to Help Visually Impaired

Code Factory agrees to help Bookshare get its library on mobile devices.

Forrester Heralds Nuance, TellMe, Genesys, Avaya, and Cisco as IVR Champs

Two new Forrester Wave reports rank IVR/voice portal players.

EGain Looks to Make Its Mark in the IVR Business

The company launches its new self-service IVR platform, eGain IVR.

SpinVox Makes Play for Latin America with 12 New Rollouts

The voicemail-to-text provider announces an international partnership with Telefónica.

VoiceTrust Looks to iPhone for Revenues, Mindshare

The Munich-based voice biometrics provider has released an iPhone app with the intention of drawing business-to-business customers.

Philadelphia Taxpayers Get Relief with IVR

NEC Unified Solutions deploys two customized IVRs for the Philadelphia Revenue Department and the Board of Revision of Taxes.

IBM’s Sametime to be First Passenger Aboard Genesys’ UC Connect Initiative

Sametime will be integrated with the Genesys Customer Interaction Management solution.

Envision Seeks Greater Reach For Speech Analytics

With the release of InteractionIQ, Envision banks on a new pricing scheme.

Nuance Is the Talk of the Town for New York’s Subway System

Nuance will be teaming up with New York City's MTA to launch a speech-enabled version of Trip Planner Voice.

Automated Speech Analytics

Tellme Upgrades Are in the Clouds and Beyond

The Microsoft subsidiary updates its voice platform as it nears the two-year anniversary of its acquisition.

What's in a Name?

Kindle takes on the president, with not-so-good results.

The Big Strike or Fool's Gold?

The truth about the rush in the mobile applications market and the perils of easy money.

Voters Decide in Favor of an IVR

Voter registration and complaint systems were a hit during the 2008 national elections.

SVOX to Support TTS and ASR on Latest Version of MS Auto

Microsoft Auto 4.0 will be compatible with SVOX's Speech Output and Automated Speech Recognition solutions.

Communications Firms Get Unified: Voxeo Acquires Imified

Voxeo acquires Imified in a bid to expand its reach in the self-service market.

Mobile Speech Set to Grow Over The Next Five Years, Says Datamonitor

Datamonitor reports on the future of speech in the mobile space.

Ifbyphone Ropes Its First Texas Steed, Network Communications

Ifbyphone announces a new partnership with the Longview, Texas-based mid-market telecommunications provider.

Tellme It Ain’t So: McCue to Leave Speech Recognition Company He Co-Founded

Zig Serafin will take the helm of the Microsoft speech subsidiary in June.

Kopin Has One Multimodal Headset to Rule Them All

Kopin's new speech-enabled headset promises to remotely control any Bluetooth device with speech recognition from Nuance.

EveryZing Is Turning Up Searches for NBC

EveryZing signs an $8.25 million deal with NBC and other partners to make video feeds searchable.

What’s that in the Clouds? Microsoft! And TellMe, Too!

Microsoft and TellMe make a bid for hosted speech with new innovations.

Romancing the Caller [and the Customer]

Eliciting the best response in a directed dialogue

Google Moves on Voicemail-to-Text Market

The release of Google Voice brings the search engine giant into the telephony space.

A Hosted IVR Solution

3 Points Scores Extra Points with M5

The small business provider is claiming an uptick in sales using VoIP technology-provider M5's solutions.

Sensory Releases a New SDK for the Apple iPhone.

iPhone apps to get onboard ASR from Sensory and its partners.

SpinVox Keeps the Roll Outs Rolling Down Under

Optus, Australia's second largest carrier, will soon be offering SpinVox to its customers.

Ifbyphone SIPs from the Font of Lower Prices

The company promises carriers more for less with a new sales model.

Wall Street Clears a Place at the Table for Rosetta Stone

The language learning firm goes public with a new listing on the NYSE.

Vangard Hits the Floors with New Shaw Industries Partnership

The enterprise voice solutions provider announces that it will be providing its MVP solution to Shaw Industries.

Who Mobile Cares? MetroPCS and Nuance Do

Nuance will be providing MetroPCS with its on-device self-service solution.

SpinVox Huddles Up with IBM to Tackle Enterprise UC

SpinVox will be joining IBM's Software-as-a-Service Specialty program.

Analyze This, with TelStrat

TelStrat launches a speech analytics component for its call center solution.

Embedded Text-to-Speech

Voice Search Will Challenge Contact Centers

More viable mobile Web services will likely lead to an increase in contact center traffic, Voice Search 2009 panelists predict.

Yahoo Looks to Mobile to Increase Its Share of Searches

The search engine provider hints at a move to mobile search.

But Is It Natural?

Make it clear for callers to know what to say when given an open-ended prompt.

IVR on the Air at Dubai Airport

Traffic volume mandates an automated system for flight information.

Utopy Technology Given the P.T.O. Stamp of Approval

Utopy is granted a patent to underlying SpeechMiner technology.

Cc:Voice Looks to Lock in More Customers with New Compliance Regulations

CallCopy addresses MIPAA compliance issues with new update.

IP Call Recorder 1.5—Bigger, Badder, and a Lot More Selective

Newfound Communications promises greater control and targeted recording with its new version of IP Call Recorder.

SVOX to Break Ground on New Digs in Ulm

In an effort to get close to its partners, SVOX opens a new office in Germany.

Hold the Phone: It’s Google Voice and It’s Free

Google Voice's voicemail-to-text offering may prove a challenge to just about every phone company.

Make Mine a Large with Extra Speech Technology

800 PBX launches new IVR solution aimed at automating local pizzerias.

AT&T Gets a New Voice in Windows for 2009

Wizzard releases version 4.2 of AT&T Natural Voices Text to Speech.

Voice Search Technology Fills the Future of Contact Centers with Challenges

Speech experts debate the future of contact centers as Voice Search 2009 draws to a close.

Yahoo Looks to Mobile to Increase Its Share of Internet Searches

The company turns to mobile and voice search to reinvigorate its standing in the search engine arena.

Opening Keynote at Voice Search 2009 Looks to Future of Technology

The future of voice search technology is discussed and debated by industry experts at Voice Search 2009.

Market for Speech Analytics Still Growing, Says Verint

Despite the troubled economy, interest in analytics is significant and increasing as companies look to ramp up customer service.

SpinVox Postures Itself to Take on Nuance World Wide

An extended deal with Telstra solidifies the company's position in Australia.

Nuance and Uncle Sam Unleash the Dragon on U.S. Military Bases

The U.S. Army looks to Nuance for medical transcription services at home and abroad.

Nuance Unveils Voice Control 2.0

Nuance Promises Bigger, Faster, Better, More with the Release of NCV2

Trio of Tech Firms Go Natural with a More Human Interface

Three tech firms team up to build a lifelike, natural language-based digital assistant.

2009: What the New Year Will Bring

A slow economy sends mixed messages to the speech industry.

2009: A Nail in the Road for Automotive Speech?

The rough economy could place in-car system sales in jeopardy.

AAA Suggests No Safety Benefit in Hands-Free

An Auto Club study shows hands-free devices are just as dangerous as handsets.

Voice-Enabled Biometric Password Resets

They’re Coming to America

SpinVox opens NYC office, sets sights on a bigger slice of American market.

Voxeo Pumps Up VoiceObjects with Release of Version 7.4

Recently, VoiceObjects announced the release of VoiceObjects 7.4, the latest version of the 7.0 suite that first launched in the spring of 2007.

Web Talk on the Fly

VoiceCorp's new webReader server-site solution speech-enables Web sites and blogs.

Eureka! Finds a New Partner

VAR to resell CallMiner solution as part of a package with other contact center technologies from Verint.

Nexidia Bags MSNBC in Video Search Deal

Major TV network will use speech technologies to render its video content searchable.

Vianix Gets the Year Off to a New SPART

New offering remolds MASC audio compression technology into an ASR heavyweight.

Nexidia Gets in Microsoft’s Video Feedback Loop

The company's search technologies will aggregate the software giant's massive storehouse of customer feedback.

ATX Brings Telematics to Toyota

New luxury car offering for Lexus features a voice interface.

Knowledgeshift Apps Let Users Talk to Potential Clients or Celebs

Knowledgeshift releases interactive mobile applications using IVR technology from Ifbyphone.

Softbank’s Rising Sun Shines on Nuance

Nuance powers the speech recognition capabilities of BB Softservice's Speeek application for the iPhone.

Dictaphone Turns 100

Nuance Communications marks the centennial of its leading dictation brand.

West Partners with PerSay

West Interactive partners with voice security firm to add hosted voice biometrics to its outsourced solutions set.

SpinVox Sends the Homily Home

Anglican church's vicar uses voice-to-text solution to transmit sermons to those not at Sunday services.

Kirusa Launches a More Affordable Voice SMS Service

Company incorporates Dialogic's Vision VX VoiceXML Server into its Voice SMS service.

Radiologists Get Down to Smooth Talkin’ With Brit Speak

Radiology solutions provider Brit Systems announced the release of a stand-alone dictation, transcription, report distribution, and optional voice recognition solution.

iPhone Home, Hands Free

Melodis today released Voice Dialer, a freeware application that eliminates the need to scroll through a long list of names, addresses, and phone numbers to make a call.

Dial West for Emergency Services

A proposed acquisition by West will expand the contact center power into the 9-1-1 emergency services segment.