Cc:Voice Looks to Lock in More Customers with New Compliance Regulations

CallCopy’s cc: Voice solution has integrated a number of features to help Medicare marketers comply with new federal regulations.

Last year, Congress passed the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA), which, among other things, requires Medicare marketers to record their calls with perspective plan buyers. If they set up a meeting, consent of those meetings must be documented.

The compliance requisite is an effort to keep marketers from using high-pressure, bait-and-switch, and other potentially deceptive sales tactics on their customers. The recording provides the government with oversight into their practices when a complaint is filed. In an instance of fraud accusation, the burden is on the provider to proffer evidence to the contrary.

To help providers streamline and organize that process and help them comply, CallCopy’s updated solution gives customers the ability to update transactions through an application programming interface (API).

“Getting that consent recorded is pretty simple with any standard out-of-the-box call recorder,” says Patrick Hall, product manager and director of client services for CallCopy. “What we’ve done is develop a toolbar component that an agent can use to update the call recording record with an appointment log number so that they can cross-reference back to the customer that specific transaction and locate that specific customer granting consent.”

Cc: Voice is aimed at a range of differently scaled businesses. Hall cites a customer with a couple hundred seats and a smaller one in Florida with only around 10 as examples of that range. Regardless of size, for many companies, Hall sees CallCopy’s solution  as a way of getting more value and efficiency for companies dealing with the new MIPAA rules.

Before the updates, says Hall, “It was just a kind of scattershot. You’d have to go look at date/time and locate the recording. There wasn’t a very targeted search to get to a specific transaction.”

Cc: Voice, a part of CallCopy’s cc: Discover suite, allowed users to record both inbound and outbound calls to be recorded without having to dial a third-party or enter in access codes. It still does, but now with these new added tagging features.

The features can go even further with customization. Hall says one customer has developed an application to do data dips and data exchanges to tie data back to their own in-house applications using CallCopy’s API.

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