Voice-Enabled Biometric Password Resets

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BUSINESS PROBLEM: Password resets through a traditional help desk can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 per reset and can account for up to 20 percent of the desk’s telephone traffic. Manual resets can also pose a security risk because they require human intervention.

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Voice-Enabled Biometric Password Resets 
Voice-enabled biometric verification allows a user to validate his identity and reset his password through an automated process without any human intervention.

Product: Nuance’s Automated Password Reset Module (APR)

Delivery Method: On-premises implementation.

Pricing: A 12-port solution begins at $60,000. For additional services and customizations, expect to add $5,000 to $20,000. Support for additional password directories can be purchased for an average of $10 per seat.

Functionality: APR is a rack-mounted server system that integrates into any existing IT environment and works with more than 40 different interfaces, including Active Directory, Windows, IBM, and Oracle. APR identifies users by their voiceprints, which are encrypted and securely stored on-site. The system can also be used as an internal dialer or a customer-facing auto attendant with add-ons.

Business Benefits: The authentication process and any subsequent conversation can be recorded and archived, and a searchable audit trail created. This solution can help meet compliance standards, be integrated with an intrusion detection system, and reduce costs through increased automation.

Contact: Nuance at 1-866-968-2623; www.nuance.com/care.

Product: Diaphonics’ Password Agent

Delivery Method: Web-based service or on-premises implementation.

Pricing: The base software list price is $30,000, with seats ranging from $4 to $8. Diaphonics offers a pay-as-you-go, per-transaction fee that averages from $1 to $2 per reset.

Functionality: Password Agent integrates into an existing phone system. Users are identified by voiceprint. In the case of a false negative (2 percent to 3 percent of calls), the user can be rerouted to a traditional help desk. The software integrates with a variety of desk-ticketing solutions, like Remedy or HP OpenView, and back-end identity management systems, including Active Directory, Novell, and Sun IDM.

Business Benefits: Users don’t have to remember out-of-wallet, knowledge-based authentication information. The solution works with any telephone, eliminating the security risk of help desk employees having to reset passwords. It is available 24/7 and can help to reduce costs associated with maintaining a fully staffed traditional help desk. On-premises implementation can be done with less expensive, off-the-shelf hardware.

Contact: Diaphonics at 1-877-290-1500; www.diaphonics.com.

Product: VoiceVerified’s Vocal Reset 2.0

Delivery Method: A fully hosted solution or on-premises implementation.

Pricing: Software licenses begin at $12,500 for 50,000 seats (minimum license level). For hosted solutions, additional usage fees apply. For on-premises solutions, an annual fee of 20 percent of the license cost is incurred.

Functionality: Voiceprinting can be set up to be light or passive with static passphrases or conversational biometrics. This solution supports any Open LDAP password reset or directory system (i.e.. Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Domino, Red Hat Linux, and Novell). It features a high degree of customization and flexibility of VUI, security rules, and full management of acceptance/rejection rates to meet specific needs. VoiceVerified can also provide a fully hosted solution with no additional hardware requirements; a custom-built on-premises system is another option.

Business Benefits: Vocal Reset can be used to reduce costs of help desk routing through automation. It works with any standard telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol carrier, including lower-resolution services like Skype. VoiceVerified also offers a try-before-you-buy program.

Contact: VoiceVerified at 1-215-862-7800; www.voiceverified.com

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