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>>>>> BUSINESS PROBLEM: Your call center is inundated with call volume. Costs are rising. You need meaningful statistical analysis to make sure your agents are working effectively and your resources are properly allocated. But manual analysis is a daunting task.

>>>>> TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Automated Speech Analytics
Speech analytics products allow users to record, monitor, and gather data about customer interactions based on their own criteria.

Product: CallMiner’s Eureka Essentials or Eureka Enterprise
Delivery Method: Licensed software installation.
Pricing: Varies greatly depending on product type, size of installation, and many other factors.
Functionality: CallMiner offers two scaled solutions, Essentials for smaller contact centers and Enterprise for larger ones. Both allow users to accurately search hours of recorded audio, analyze acoustics, and categorize calls, all through Web-based applications.
Business Benefits: These solutions help reduce call volume and call time and automate categorization. They allow users to search words and acoustic data to discover trends and events without any predisposed notion of what to look for. They do not require significant infrastructure investments, starting with a single server solution.
Contact: CallMiner at 1-239-689-6463; www.callminer.com.

Product: Nexidia’s Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) 
Delivery Method: An on-demand hosted solution and a QuickStart Program.
Pricing: Nexidia offers both hosted solutions and licensed software installation. Pricing is based on an audio capacity model and depends on project size. Nexidia OnDemand hosted solutions start at $25,000.
Functionality: ESI can process more than 20,000 hours of audio per day in 35 supported languages. It is scalable to businesses of all sizes. The core technology is based on an open-systems framework, enabling it to work with virtually any audio data. It integrates with all existing call logger or CRM tools, regardless of platform.
Business Benefits: ESI helps identify call volume drivers, maximize the allocation of resources, improve response time and quality, improve product quality, and identify untapped business opportunities.
Contact: Nexidia at 1-866-355-1241; www.nexidia.com

Product: Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ Impact 360 Speech Analytics
Delivery Method: Licensed software installation.
Pricing: Pricing starts at $625 per seat.
Functionality: Impact 360 Speech Analytics is part of the unified, analytics-driven, and enterprise-enabled Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite from Verint. The speech solution captures and automatically creates a complete semantic index of calls, searchable for any number of keywords, phrases, business categories, or emotions—going beyond just specified keywords and phrases.
Business Benefits: Impact 360 provides insight from recorded calls to help improve products, processes, competitive advantage, and the overall customer experience. It also helps categorize and analyze call content automatically to tell you why customers call, reveal the root cause of customer perceptions and high call volumes, and identify competitive threats and opportunities. The solution also delivers daily trend reports for increasing productivity.
Contact: Verint at 1-800-4VERINT; www.verint.com.

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