Capture Voicemail Information Even Working from Home

With a new app for the Android mobile phone platform, working from home, or in a home office, might be a little easier. Yesterday, j2 Global Communications released the eVoice application for the Android.

Designed to help manage incoming calls, the app can route calls, but it can also convert voicemail messages to text and then send the transcript to an email account. This service also allows users to route calls to various numbers so  they can get calls on a cell, home office number, etc.

"A key unique feature is the Click to Call functionality...[which] essentially turns the Android phone into a dual-line phone system," Bill Threlkeld, senior manager of public relations at j2, points out. "The key benefit [of the app] is ths ability to keep personal and professional identities separate when using the same phone for both business and personal use."

"Since the user can convert the speech to text, it will also be easier to search for messages, or information in the messages, using keywords rather than having to search through the phone for important voicemails" Threlkeld continues. "This could also provide important possibilities for businesses looking to capture client information during phone calls." 

"Google's Android mobile operating system has continued to gain momentum since its introduction, and smart phones are increasingly becoming a central component of a business professional's communications toolset," said Mark Meyers, director, voice services at j2 Global Communications, in a statement. "With features such as click to call and enhanced dialing the new Android Application make it easier for eVoice subscribers to project a professional image when doing business from a mobile phone."
In addition, eVoice allows the user to add some personal touches: for instance, he can record a greeting or customize his own on-hold music.

Currently, eVoice is available for a six-month free trial and there are three plans to choose from; the price will start at $12.95 per month, but those who sign up for the trial get a $3 discount. eVoice is already available on the iphone, and it possesses the same basic features and function as the Android app. The company says a BlackBerry app is expected before the end of the month.

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