Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) Selects Angel.com Outbound Application

Each year, the Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) conduct a "Climate Survey" to measure how satisfied parents, students and staff are with the district's services and educational programs and to look for areas of improvement.

As part of an effort to streamline the survey and reporting processes, CCPS had previously decided to turn the take-home survey into an online survey. However, since many families did not possess computers, CCPS decided that it needed to conduct its surveys by phone.

After reviewing Angel.com's Web-based outbound API, CCPS developed their own methodology for determining who would be contacted and how the opinions of the participants would be reported. Responses were scaled from 1-9, with 9 the highest rating a school could receive. A list was then provided to Angel.com that contained phone numbers and the school associated with that phone number.

The chosen participants were then contacted and, using Angel.com's IVR technology, guided through a list of questions that CCPS had created and entered into the Web-based survey creation template. Angel.com then recorded and reported the data back to CCPS in a graph-enhanced Excel spreadsheet so that CCPS could analyze the data. Since Angel.com also provided the raw data in the report, CCPS was then able to generate further reports and dissect responses from each school. 

Consequently, CCPS was able to develop a rating system based on parent satisfaction responses. This information will be used by the schools and the administration to review performance and develop goals for the coming school year.

"Angel.com worked well under the pressure of short timelines and we were impressed with their methods of communication, which include an online communication board," said CCPS Web Design Manager/Data Analyst, Amy Robinson.


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