Chordiant Enhances Outbound Communication Across Customer Experience Solutions

Chordiant Software today announced Chordiant Cx Outbound, which adds outbound communication capabilities to the inbound capabilities already provided by the entire line of the Cx Solutions Suite.

Chordiant Cx Outbound offers businesses the opportunity to use a common set of customer strategies to systematically determine the best next action for a customer regardless of the direction of the communication and the communication channel. This enables companies to provide their customers with a consistent interaction experience, resulting in a substantial increase in customer lifetime value (CLV).

Chordiant Cx Solutions enable companies to implement customer strategies that provide communications personalized to the needs of each individual. This allows a balance between the customer’s experience and corporate objectives.

The new outbound communication capability, combined with Chordiant’s predictive analytics and adaptive decisioning capabilities, provides self-learning, so companies can have a continually adapting, holistic, and complete picture of each and every customer communication, resulting in better inbound and outbound customer interactions.

Chordiant Cx Outbound offers:

  • Central control of outbound and inbound communications that takes into account a strong understanding of what has happened to an individual customer in the past to recommend the Next-Best-Action for that customer;
  • The ability to drive and adjust the flow of inbound, real-time conversations based on an understanding of recent outbound communication, such as referring to a customer’s interest in an outbound offer versus making the same offer again;
  • The ability to provide and apply constraints to outbound communication, taking into consideration the products available for an offer as well as the delivery channel capacity, so companies don’t over-promise products that aren’t available in inventory;
  • The ability to use Chordiant’s Cx Visual Business Director to monitor the success of customer strategies across inbound and outbound communications and channels; and
  • The ability to maximize the value of Chordiant’s Cx Retention and Cx Upsell/Cross-Sell solutions by applying the appropriate best-practices strategies to all inbound and outbound channel interactions.
“Customers are no longer willing to accept cookie-cutter communication approaches,” said Raymond Gerber, chief technology officer at Chordiant. “They increasingly expect communications that are relevant and specific to their particular needs rather than the traditional more generic and product based approach.”

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