Clarity Technologies Software Helps Robots Hear and Communicate

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - CVC® (Clear Voice Capture) technology has been integrated into a newly developed personal robot.

Clarity's technology is now being used to address the voice quality and performance in machines.  For example, in a robot, once sound is identified coming from a particular direction an application must use tracking software and multiple microphones to follow the noise's movements.  A robot must then determine that the noise is human speech and that the voice is actually giving the robot commands.
A personal robot has to use five microphones to track and capture voice commands.  Clarity developed voice tracking software for robots utilizing four of the five microphones for speech detection which enables the robot to move in the direction of the speech.  The fifth microphone is used for command identification and automatic speech recognition.  Personal robots can use multiple Clarity products in addition to the new tracking software.  Clarity's CVC® technology improves the accuracy of the speech recognition engine as well as providing the robot with hands-free communication capabilities.

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