Clarity and Dspfactory Partner

HANOVER, GERMANY - Clarity and Dspfactory have teamed up to provide speech extraction technology on an ultra-miniature audio processing platform. Combined, Clarity's CVC (Clear Voice Capture) technology and Dspfactory's BelaSigna 200 audio processing technology enhance voice and reduce noise in small portable electronic communication devices such as wireless headsets, microphones and hands-free kits. According to Geoff Bellew, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Dspfactory, "We are finding that manufacturers throughout the world have a growing wish list for their audio communication devices to have superb audio fidelity, smaller form factor, and have longer battery life. The single-chip BelaSigna 200 contains DSP core, coprocessor, stereo audio chain, memory and is available today to uniquely satisfy these needs." "The small memory and processing requirements of CVC combined with the small form factor and power efficiency of the BelaSigna 200 audio processing chip is ideally suited for embedded applications where exceptional audio performance, low power consumption and miniaturization are critical," said Reinhardt Kromer, Vice President, Peiker GmbH. "This results in a highly cost-effective and extremely flexible solution for both us and our customers," he added. Peiker has previously licensed, and offer as a standard feature, Clarity's CVC technology for its Bluetooth and DSP-enabled hands-free systems for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers throughout the world. "We are encouraged by Peiker's continued success in the marketplace which in no small part results from their commitment and leadership to provide the highest level of voice quality and audio performance for their customers in all of their deliverables," said Fred Nussbaum, Clarity's EVP Sales and Marketing. "Being able to now offer a variety of Clear Voice 'digital microphone' solutions incorporating the BelaSigna 200 again differentiates them in what can sometimes appear to be a crowded commodity field," Nussbaum added.
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