ClickFox Launches Customer Experience Industry Research

ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions, has launched Customer Experience Analytics Insight (CEAi), a new industry research service to map the complete customer experience and identify the greatest opportunity for improvement across interaction channels and key points of service.

In custom research CEAi engagements, ClickFox professional services team benchmarks an organizations’ customer experience against ClickFox’s aggregated data repository spanning billions of customer interactions across service channels, and representing customer behavior for more than 240 million consumers nationwide. This wealth of intelligence consistently reveals insights around key service points—across call centers, Web sites, IVR, kiosk, retail store locations, and even handheld devices—and, most important, how customer behavior within and across channels delivers never-before-seen opportunities for improvement.

Initial CEAi findings reveal a critical need for companies to focus on improving voice self-service:

  • More than 40 percent of self-service interactions result in transfer to a live agent, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in increased operating costs for call centers.
  • Deeper analysis reveals that 10 percent of these interactions transfer due to a failed transaction, and 24 percent transfer without even attempting self-service, pointing to a need to identify where customers encounter issues to truly make self-service experiences more intuitive and effective.

Based on years of expertise delivering cross-channel insights to Fortune 500 organizations across industries, ClickFox has identified the most critical metrics impacting operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and customer retention, and discovered that relatively small improvements in the right areas can have a major impact on the bottom line, particularly in environments with heavy transaction volumes. A global financial services organization realized more than $60 million in savings after improving its self service containment rate by just 2 percent with insights from cross-channel analytics.

CEAi industry research will include in-depth industry-specific and cross-industry market briefs that present key findings and trends, identifying patterns across key metrics like first contact resolution, self service effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Data will be available on a quarterly basis, and will grow richer as ClickFox adds new features to its CEA product suite, including executive-level visual comparisons over time.

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