Conexant Launches New HD Audio CODEC with Integrated AudioSmart Amplifier

Conexant Systems today released the CX20952, a new HD Audio CODEC that enables high-quality audio on computers and tablets with low power consumption, two cap-free headphone amplifiers, and a fully-integrated Class-D amplifier. Part of Conexant's AudioSmart family, the new CX20952 is also an intelligent device: a single-chip solution that monitors power delivered to speakers, ensuring maximum sound pressure level (SPL) and optimal performance without damage to system components.

Conexant's fully-integrated CX20952 enables a smaller motherboard footprint and lower bill of materials (BOM) cost for applications that do not require the high-output power of large, discrete devices. 

With two cap-free HP/Line outputs and a universal jack that automatically detects and configures itself to support CTIA (Apple) or OMTP (Nokia) style headsets, Conexant's CX20952 solution delivers the following key features required for low-power, small form-factor devices:

  • Support for multiple peripheral types (headphones, headsets, powered speakers, microphones and line-in devices) with a single 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Support for an additional direct-drive headphone output on a docking station or second jack panel.
  • Loud, clear audio playback from small speakers in space-limited enclosures.
  • Stereo AudioSmart Class-D Speaker Amplifier for intelligent delivery of up to 2.8W per channel
  • Integrated hardware EQ/DRC with SpeakerShield Class-D protection.
  • Mono output with tunable hardware LPF/BPF for subwoofer applications.
  • Up to four digital microphones supporting advanced configurations for tablets, convertibles, clamshells, and AIOs.
  • Analog PC BEEP, EAPD and GPIOs.
  • I2C interface, allowing real-time software control of auxiliary devices.
  • D3 Live, supporting pass-through audio playback to Class-D with active EQ/DRC while system is asleep.

"Consumers are beginning to expect the same high level of performance and clarity from audio as they have become accustomed to with HD video," noted Saleel Awsare, Conexant vice president and general manager, in a statement. "Our entire AudioSmart product line is designed to address users’ high expectations for a better, clearer, richer audio experience, and the new CX20952 does it all in a single chip."

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