Conexant Launches Next-Generation HD Audio CODEC with Integrated AudioSmart 2.0 Class-D Amplifier

Conexant Systems today introduced an ultra-low power, high-performance HD Audio CODEC: the CX8200.

Targeted to mobile PC applications, the new CX8200 drives speakers to optimize sound pressure level (SPL) while providing speaker protection and eliminating background noise. Part of the AudioSmart 2.0 product family, the CX8200 features a fully integrated Class-D smart amplifier and interfaces directly with Conexant's software to deliver speech recognition and audio output that is several times louder using existing PC/tablet speakers.

Conexant's AudioSmart 2.0 solutions improve the audio experience in noisy, real-world conditions and allow for crystal clear playback without background noise. The CX8200 allows users to hear what others are saying, speak naturally, listen to multimedia content at higher volume levels, make use of automatic speech recognition (ASR) for dictation and virtual assistant applications, such as Cortana, and much more.

A single-chip solution optimized for use on any platform with an integrated speaker, Conexant’s CX8200 uses a proprietary SoftAware link to interconnect amplifier hardware sensors with software algorithms. The dataflow between hardware sensors and software enables dynamic updates to the algorithms performing speaker control and acoustic echo cancellation functions.

The CX8200 features a ProCoustic capless stereo headphone output that includes offset calibration to eliminate pops and clicks. Integrated headset support includes CTIA/OMTP auto-detect and switch functionality. Inline command sensing and multi-button headset detection enable control of third-party applications, system wake, and satisfies Google requirements for Chromebook. Up to four digital microphones can be connected with integrated boost and DC offset removal, and smart microphone interfaces are supported for Wake-on-Voice applications.

Additional features include the following:

  • Real-time speaker sensing and protection;
  • Programmable, 14-band hardware EQ and DRC;
  • Lad-based short circuit, DC, and temperature detection/protection;
  • Universal jack support;
  • Fully compliant with standard industry specifications and regulations;
  • Support for Windows 10, Android 5.x, Chrome OS, and Linux platforms;
  • Support for Lync/Skype Unified Premium and Cortana Premium experiences; and
  • Support for latest Intel Automatic Speech Recognition requirements.

"Conexant offers a complete range of audio solutions that provide consistent benefits for all of the devices/applications in the mobile PC ecosystem," said Saleel Awsare, Conexant vice president and general manager, in a statement. "Our software radically improves the quality of voice and audio performance and is tightly coupled with our next-generation CODEC and amplifier products for a truly innovative, comprehensive solution. With the CX8200, we’re giving consumers an enterprise-class speakerphone experience—effectively a new appliance—on the same PC or tablet platform that they're already using every day for communication and collaboration."

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