LG Turns to Conexant for Voice Control of Smart Home Devices

LG Electronics has adopted Conexant Systems CX2092x far-field voice input processor system-on-chip (SoC) for two new smart home products: the tvG Woofer Set Top Box (STB) and the IoT Hub, a device from LG Uplus that enables control of and communication with home security systems, thermostats, lights, heating/cooling systems, and more.

Conexant's CX2092x will enable users of these smart products to control them using their voices from across the room and at any angle relative to the product's microphones.

"Consumers are looking for more personal, natural interactions with their connected devices, and Conexant technology is helping us to make that happen," said Geon Yeong Lee, team leader of the LG Uplus IPTV Service Team, in a statement. "Our newest smart home products improve the way our customers interact with their devices and bring the concept of whole-home connectivity to life."

"Voice control is shaping the smart home revolution, and Conexant is leading the charge. Our unique AudioSmart technology does what others can't. It brings accurate voice control that turns everyday appliances into connected products that hear you and even recognize your voice, no matter where you are in the room," said Saleel Awsare, Conexant's senior vice president and general manager, in a statement. "LG Uplus's philosophy is to enrich consumers' lives and provide value through innovation. The expansion of their smart home product lineup is proof of that and is a key driver for our existing relationship with them."

LG Uplus also selected Conexant technology for its lineup of STBs introduced last year.

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