Contact Solutions Launches Adaptive IVR

Contact Solutions, a provider of cloud-based customer care solutions, today launched Adaptive Personalization, a new multilayered personalization interactive voice response (IVR) solution driven by behavior-based business intelligence and predictive analytics.

With the release of Adaptive Personalization, organizations can respond to caller behaviors and preferences, streamline authentication processes, and dynamically adapt calls at each interaction point in the call flow. Early users of the technology have seen calls shortened by more than 35 percent and transfer rates reduced by more than 70 percent, with up to 90 percent of callers experiencing more optimized self-service.

Adaptive Personalization is a multi-layered, versatile, and patented technology that includes the following three components:

  • Adaptive Recall: Learns customer needs based on enterprise data and behaviors over multiple calls to streamline problem resolution based on preferences.
  • Adaptive Audio: Responds instantly to adapt at each interaction point based on real- time behaviors within a call to match customer pace and reduce caller frustration
  • Adaptive Intelligence: provides an order of magnitude more data on customer interactions and the customer journey than a typical IVR, enabling the enterprise to identify actionable customer insights and opportunities to improve CX.

With the richer personalization in the IVR, organizations can do the following:

  • Understand exactly how customers interact with the contact center IVR, what those interactions cost, and how they impact customer experience.
  • Identify customers who are struggling with the IVR and improve their experience before they signal frustration by opting out of the system.
  • Adapt the IVR to individual caller behavior in real time to create unique personalized experiences.
  • Provide advanced and actionable real-time caller interaction and customer journey information at every step in self-service interactions to help drive strategic decisions.
  • Create speedier customer problem resolution that can be translated to shorter calls that boost customer satisfaction and lower IVR channel costs.

"Having access to the right data and knowing how to apply it can be the difference between winning and losing business. In today's fast-moving, hyper-competitive world, customers want to be treated as unique individuals and expect companies they do business with to know them, and anything less is a bad experience. Adaptive Personalization allows enterprises to provide that level of individualized service," said Michael McShea, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Contact Solutions, in a statement. "With up to 98 percent of customer calls into a contact center being automated in the IVR for many of our customers, the IVR is still highly critical to overall customer CX and may be the main source of experience with a brand. The IVR channel is operating against the same expectations for personalization that customers are used to getting through other channels, and with the Contact Solutions Adaptive IVR we can deliver on that experience."

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