Continental Airlines Selects Voxify's Automated Agents

Continental Airlines is using Voxify's Automated Agents to manage flight reconfirmation calls and deliver excellent customer service.  Continental estimates that approximately 10 percent of incoming customer calls involve flight reconfirmation. With Voxify's Automated Agents handling these calls, Continental's live agents can take thousands of calls every day for sales and other customer services. 

"Not only have we seen high completion rates within the first few weeks of deployment, Continental has already achieved a 100 percent ROI in the three months," said Martin Hand, Staff Vice President Reservations and City Ticket Offices at Continental.  "Continental's call centers handle over 40 million calls a year.  As a recognized leader in customer service, it's imperative to handle each call with the greatest care.  With Voxify, we have been able to deliver that high quality of service, while realizing significant savings through automation.  Voxify is an important part of our plan to deliver a consistent and excellent customer experience."

Voxify Automated Agents are built for customer service calls, such as fare finder and reservations, and can accommodate customers with varying amounts of information. For example, Voxify's Reconfirmation Automated Agents respond to customer inquires about their existing reservations and provide them an ability to reconfirm their flights.  

"We did not want to engage in a long development cycle that would require a large number of resources," says Hand of Continental. "In less than 3 months, Voxify has delivered a sophisticated speech application that meets our high standards of customer service.  We are impressed with Voxify's technology and are very pleased with the initial results."

Continental deployed its first speech automation over two years ago and has been using third-party software to analyze calls.  Voxify's Conversation Engine contains built-in performance tracking and detailed analytics on call paths, including decision-making, drop-off points, and likelihood ratios.  Voxify's real-time reporting provides Continental visibility and understanding in this customer service area, allowing Continental to leverage this business intelligence for ongoing training and system development purposes.

"The history of the travel industry shows that the best customer experiences come from agents who deliver personalized service. Customers expect the personal touch in every interaction -- even if the voice on the other end isn't a human being.  We've endeavored to this standard by delivering a personal touch with every customer interaction.  By using Voxify, we're taking a giant leap forward in this, which will pay significant dividends for our valued customers," said Continental's Hand.

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