Cord Launches Version 2.0 of Its Voice Messaging App

Cord Project, a New York-based startup, today launched version 2.0 of its flagship voice messaging app, Cord, on both Android and iOS. Cord was first released in December 2014 and since has grown to half a million users around the world.

Cord 2.0 is adding many new social features to its messaging service, such as channels, audio chat rooms organized around interests and locations that anyone can join or create. More private than video, but more personal than text, voice is a great way to initiate a conversation.

"Channels are a great way to bring more socializing into our messaging platform," said Jeff Baxter, creative director and co-founder of Cord Project, in a statement. "You can find and chat with a huge group in a channel, then easily switch to private messaging, which Cord is also great for. This new feature might be used by new moms in Brooklyn sharing tips, fans of a TV show, beatboxing contests, or just a place to say 'hi' to people around the world."

Also included in the release is a voice filter feature that allows users to alter the sound and tone of their voice to sound like a high-pitched bird or a space alien, for example.

"Since they're not limited by text, our users unleash their creativity," said Cord Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Gayno, in a statement. "We wanted a way for everyone to have even more fun, and voice filters seemed to be an obvious choice."

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