Crescendo Launches Speech Recognition Solution at AHIMA 2006

LAVAL - Crescendo launched a new front-end speech recognition module for its MD Center-XL dictation and speech recognition application at AHIMA 2006. MD Center-XL, which so far provided back-end speech recognition, now produces text from dictations on screen. Voice commands allow physicians to navigate, edit, format, spell, play, fast forward, rewind, select and sign-off the report without using a mouse or keyboard.

With the launch of this front-end module, MD Center-XL now allows physicians to oversee the documentation workflow, from dictation and correction to sign-off and final report distribution, using one interface.

Physicians can switch from front-end to back-end mode without having to exit the application and log on again. If they have to interrupt the correction process, they can save ongoing work for later completion or decide to send the report to transcription. Authors can sign off the report using the same application once the correction phase is complete. Even once a job has been sent off to transcription; it is still possible to edit it using voice commands.

Automatic and predefined distribution occurs after the report has been signed off, and is configurable by work type, author, department and facility.

Speech recognition modes supported by MD Center-XL

  • Front-end speech recognition - The author is in charge of the correction process. 
    • 1.1. Visual mode - Text is produced onscreen while the author dictates.
    • 1.2. Non-visual mode - Dictation results are processed on the local computer and hidden, displayed on the screen only once the dictation is complete.
  • Back-end speech recognition - This mode is transparent to authors.  Once the author has finished dictating, recognized text is produced in the background and sent to the transcriptionist for correction.

The MD Center-XL front-end speech recognition module will be available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, South Africa and the Netherlands on October 15, 2006.


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