Customer Satisfaction Across Industries to be Gauged with Survey Application from Intervoice

Intervoice announced the increased applicability of one of its packaged voice applications to gauge customer satisfaction across several vertical markets. The Omvia Survey application, as part of the Omvia Voice Express packaged applications offering from Intervoice, combines an "out of the box" voice user interface (VUI) with a solution that can be customized. 

As part of the Customer Care Module for Omvia Voice Express Packaged Applications announced earlier this year, Omvia Survey allows businesses in all industries to gauge customer satisfaction through voice automation.  Once a survey is created, Survey answers inbound calls and queries callers for responses.  Companies have the ability to capture recorded customer comments for further analysis. The user interface uses text-to-speech or pre-recorded prompts and records callers' verbal comments.  Multiple surveys can run simultaneously and the caller will be directed to specific ones based on Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) or by a Survey Identifier related to their specific caller account. 

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of speech technology in the global marketplace, Intervoice has also driven the development of packaged voice applications.  The Company's growing suite of packaged solutions support both Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) and Voice Extensible Mark-up Language (VoiceXML). 

As part of the Omvia Voice Express Packaged Applications suite from Intervoice, Intervoice will showcase the capabilities of its Omvia Survey application to capture feedback from conference attendees for an overall evaluation for the event. 

"Intervoice is helping customers and developers overcome several of the most challenging aspects of implementing speech applications, and by doing so will make it easier and more cost-effective for different types of companies to roll out these applications," said John Kelly, publisher and editor-in-chief of Speech Technology Magazine, one of the principal sponsors of the Conference and EXPO.  "We are using the Intervoice Omvia survey application at SpeechTEK as a key component of measuring attendee experiences."

Depending on the need for the application, platform and target audience, the packaged Omvia Voice Express applications from Intervoice can be used as application templates, turn-key solutions, applications as a service (ASP), configurable applications and developer applications

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