Dial Directions Opens Phone and Voice Entry into GPS Devices

Dial Directions, a  provider of voice entry for location-based services and mobile devices, today launched a new service that turns any mobile phone into a remote control for connected GPS devices and navigation services.

Through the service, which is now available nationwide through Dash Navigation's two-way, Internet-connected Dash Express GPS devices (click here to see a video demonstration), owners can call 1-DIRECTIONS (or 1-347-328-4667) on their mobile phones and speak their destinations. The Dial Directions service uses speech recognition and a voice user interface to collect the information. The destination appears instantly on their navigation device. Drivers can even call ahead to tell their GPS where to go before they reach their cars.
Dash Navigation is the first navigation partner to feature Dial Directions’ destination voice-entry. To use the service, Dash Express owners need only register their phone numbers with Dash Navigation.
"Dial Directions’ innovative approach to address voice-entry using a phone call makes navigation even easier than before, and offers a new and exciting way to interact with the Dash Express," Robert Currie, president and chief operating officer of Dash Navigation, said in a statement. "This announcement marks an important milestone for the extension of the Dash connected navigation platform into voice services."
Geospatial software platform provider deCarta also plans to integrate Dial Directions’ voice recognition technology into the next generation of its Connected Navigation Services. "With a wide variety of location-enabled services potentially available to the consumer through connected navigation, streamlining the user-interface for ease-of-use is exceptionally important," Louis Bouchard, director of marketing at deCarta, also said in a statement. "Having Dial Directions join deCarta’s value-chain consortium of connected navigation service and technology providers is a key component to increase service usage and user-satisfaction."

"Our ‘remote control’ phone service bridges the gap between voice, mobile, and location-based technologies," said Adeeb Shanaa, CEO of Dial Directions. "This new service is another extension of the Dial Directions platform, which illustrates how our proprietary technology to provide a location simply by speaking, enhances the performance of GPS devices.  We’re pleased to support our partners in offering the next generation of navigation services."

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