EasyAsk Debuts Mobile Quiri Platform

EasyAsk today launched Quiri, a voice-enabled mobile application that uses speech recognition and natural language processing to allow business users to ask questions and get answers from any number of corporate systems.

EasyAsk Quiri combines voice, search, and mobile technologies with on-demand access to engage users, who tap the app's microphone button and speak their requests; Quiri then retrieves the answer from existing corporate data sources, including CRM and business intelligence systems, as well as reports, contact lists, and other systems. Users cab then share information inside EasyAsk, email results from their mobile devices, and set up alerts to speed actions and collaborate with other mobile users within the company.

The natural language engine reads existing data and meta-data and immediately builds a relevant set of business terms, which automatically guides the system how to interpret and answer relevant business questions. "It runs any query against available data sources and drives the logic to find answers to any questions the user may have," explains Jon Stotts, an EasyAsk spokesperson. "It knows what you're looking for based on the data available."

Built-in authentication and data encryption ensure proper security and data access to the back-end business applications and data.

The Quiri application, which runs on top of existing business applications, currently only supports Apple's iOS mobile operating system, but Stotts says it could be configured for other mobile browsers and operating systems. EasyAsk also plans to offer its Quiri software development kit to other software developers so they can leverage the application for their own products.

Easy also released findings from a survey it conducted with research firm Market Tools, suggesting that organizations could save more than $800 million in wage costs every day by using a voice-enabled interface for business information. Additionally, roughly half of the respondents believe a voice-enabled natural language platform would make it easier to perform their jobs (49 percent), add value to their company's revenue and/or profitability (47 percent), and improve customer experiences and/or satisfaction (55 percent).

More than half of the respondents said they spend 31 minutes to more than two hours daily in systems or applications looking for answers or reports they need to perform their jobs. Nearly 50 percent find it difficult—some or all of the time—to find the right information to perform their jobs. Forty-two percent said that sometimes they have business questions that cannot be answered by their existing applications. Of those who were familiar with Apple's Siri, 54 percent agreed that a Siri-like tool on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, and/or desktop that connected to business systems and applications would make it easier to do their jobs.

According to the research, the iPhone was the most popular mobile device in use by businesses, at 38 percent; 32 percent of respondents reported using Android devices. Only 17 percent reported using BlackBerry mobile devices.

"The way people interact with applications and computers will be forever changed," stated Craig Bassin, CEO of EasyAsk, in a statement. "It should be more fluid and natural. At EasyAsk, we teach machines to understand humans, not the reverse. Our powerful natural language platform empowers any individual to simply ask for what they want from an application or system. Quiri will help all types of business users better understand the information within their business data, enabling users to interact with business information exactly as they interact with their colleagues."

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