Ectaco Development Center Contracts with eVelopers Corporation

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA -- Ectaco Development Center, the research and development arm of the U.S. company Ectaco Inc., has entered into a contract with eVelopers Corporation for licensing and integration of the 7 eSteps quality control system. The core of 7 eSteps is based on RUP (Rational Unified Process), a technological software development process, divided into seven clearly defined stages. In conjunction with this process, the following are thoroughly planned and outlined with the use of UML (Unified Modeling Language):
  • All roles that take part in the process
  • All actions taken by these roles
  • All documents that are generated by the roles at all stages of the process
The implementation of the 7 eSteps quality control system describes the software product development process in details and allows constant improvement of the process in conformity with the ISO and CMM requirements. Commenting on the signing of the contract between the two companies, Andrei Narvsky, managing director of eVelopers, stated, "Currently, quality control issues are extremely relevant to Russian software development companies. Only the companies meeting the most stringent quality control requirements can successfully compete on Western markets." Anton Epifanov, general manager of Ectaco Development Center, added, "The rapid growth that we've experienced over the past year compels us to look at the problem of constructing an internal business process in a new way. We are bringing the company to a new quality level, and I hope very much that the integration of the 7 eSteps system will allow EDC to successfully prepare for certification in ISO and CMM standards."
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