Ectaco Development Center to Deliver a Call-center to eVelopers

Ectaco's Development Center signed a contract to deliver a call-center to the eVelopers.

Currently, the software is being adjusted and tested, and in the near future everybody calling eVelopers will hear a female voice suggesting to ask a question, say a standard command or wait for the secretary. The automatic call-center processes the incoming phone calls using voice recognition technology. The call-center recognizes and answers more than 50 standard questions most frequently asked on the phone in the eVelopers office. It can also switch the incoming calls to the appropriate phone extension - the caller says the "switch" command and names the required person.

"With the implementation of the call-center we will first of all improve our services and reduce our expenses," - Andrey Narvsky, the managing director of the eVelopers corporation, said. "We are always trying to keep up with the times and to use the up-to-date technologies. Implementation of the call-center developed by Ectaco gives another evidence of this."

Anton Epifanov, vice president of the Ectaco Development Center, says: "Our technologies allowed us to make the Russian speech recognition in a very short timespan when such a necessity arose. Our speech recognition technology is speaker-independent and noiseproof and has an excellent recognition quality. These features made it possible to create the call-center on the basis of this technology and to successfully implement it in this esteemed company."

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