Enterprise Health Adds AI to Wellby

Enterprise Health, a provider of occupational and employee health software, has launched artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Wellby, its new artificial intelligence-powered assistant that uses GPT technology based on the OpenAI HIPAA-compliant platform.

Wellby helps clinicians do the following:

  • Generate a 200-word summary of dense medical records for pre-visit preparation and post-visit referral letters;
  • Dictate follow-up actions directly into the Enterprise Health application using speech-to-text capability, with AI-assisted refinement;
  • Generate a medical record export in a coded data format
  • Draft a return-to-work letter, including restrictions and accommodations;
  • Review the subjective, objective, and assessment sections of an encounter and generate proposed plan elements based on clinical guidelines, including orders, treatment suggestions and ICD-10 codes

The Enterprise Health application iteratively learns the preferences of individual users, presenting auto-complete and drop-down data fields based on the frequency and recency of user patterns.

"While there is a great deal of buzz around the future promise of AI to help improve the practice of medicine, Enterprise Health is making the technology available to clients today," said Jeff Donnell, president of Enterprise Health, in a statement. "We are enabling our current clients to pilot GPT functionality that enhances productivity and supports clinical decisions to streamline the provision of occupational and employee health services."

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