Fast-Talk and Esquire Deposition Services Sign Licensing Agreement

ATLANTA, GA - Fast-Talk announced a licensing agreement with the legal support services provider, Esquire Deposition Services. Under the agreement, Esquire will offer versions of Fast-Talk technology to the legal market as Esquire-branded Voicenetics beginning August 12, 2002. Voicenetics will be available in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia. Voicenetics software allows users to search through hours of video directly from their personal computer. Voicenetics is powered by Fast-Talk, a software which searches audio based on phonetic sequencing, rather than converting speech to text. By entering search words and executing an audio search, Voicenetics identifies each time the word is spoken allowing the user to immediately view those portions of the video. Esquire will primarily offer Voicenetics in conjunction with its professional video deposition services. Video depositions are crucial for viewing items that standard audio recordings often miss, such as facial expressions or body language. With Voicenetics, attorneys can locate and view any section of a video based on word searches, rather than watching it in its entirety. "Video is an extremely important service for many attorneys, but until now searching it for specific content was time intensive and costly for the client," said Tony Vaglica, president and chief operating officer of Esquire Deposition Services. "Fast-Talk technology provides a significant value-add for our customers. With our Voicenetics product, they can now quickly and easily search the video content we provide and receive highly accurate results. Fast-Talk is helping us better serve our customers." Esquire will also market Voicenetics to law firms to extract specific information from logged phone conversations, voice mail messages, and audio based data. "The need to review specific audio information quickly is crucial to the legal community," said Armistead B. Whitney, Fast-Talk president and CEO. "Fast-Talk enables Voicenetics customers to better manage audio and video evidence. Working with Esquire Deposition Services, we?re excited to add a valuable information management mechanism to the legal industry."
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