France Telecom Integrates Telisma's Speech Technology

PARIS - France Telecom announces the launching of "Mes Contacts," a new personal directory. To make a phone call, just dial #3001 from your fix line (free access), say the first name, the last name, or the nickname of the person you want to reach, and if needed the place where you wish to call, i.e. "Dad at home," "Chloé on her mobile phone," "Elise Lefebvre at her office," " Granny..." and the service will put you through at once.

"Mes Contacts" allows storage of the name and phone numbers of your contacts even when you move, change your phone or loose your address book.

After creating his personal directory (up to 200 names), the user updates it when needed on the Web.

To use "Mes Contacts," you have to create your directory (entering up to 200 contacts) and then keep it updated on your dedicated space on www.maligne.francetelecom.com

Calls made through "Mes contacts" are billed at the usual price, with no extra charge. And you keep indeed the reduced rates and special fixed price offers you may have subscribed to (such as "Les Heures", "Les Illimitées", "Le Plan"…)

You still can use your directory when not at home by dialing #30 10 instead of #3001 from any other fix line thanks to the France Telecom Card. In that case, the call required on the #30 10 will be billed to the subscriber at the usual France Telecom Card rate.

#30 10 can be also reached from an Orange or SFR mobile telephone at the operator's current rate.

"Mes Contacts" is available on demand at France Telecom simply by calling free #10 14 or 3000 or on www.francetelecom.com . Monthly subscription rate is 1.5 Euros. A free evaluation offer for 2 months is also available.

Several millions of subscribers already benefit from the advantages of the personal directory on France Telecom's access provider: wanadoo . They have the opportunity to visualize, complete and change their contacts online (last name, first name, photo, address, e-mail, telephone number).

Very soon the clients, who wish to do so, will be able to merge their Wanadoo personal directory with the one from their home telephone.

Orange, France Telecom's mobile company will launch a similar service in several European countries in 2005, which will make it possible to consult and manage your personal directory on Internet, to synchronize it with the one on your mobile telephone and to make voice activated phone calls.

Subscribers will be able to merge their Orange contact list with the lists they created for their Wanadoo services or their home telephones. So, they'll have a unified personal directory, gathering all their contacts, at their disposal from their home telephone, computer or Orange mobile. All they'll have to do will be to say one word or make one gesture to get in touch by: making a vocal call, call a videophone, send a SMS or an e-mail.

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