Freedom Scientific Introduces WYNN 5 Software

The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for struggling students, released the newest version of WYNN software.  WYNN 5 assists special education students with reading Internet content and gives them study tools to help them learn in a Web-based environment.  

WYNN 5 integrates all the support capabilities of a literacy software program into the Internet.  With WYNN 5, students can have Web text read out loud as well as access the study tools that they rely on for their traditional classroom work, like dictionary and highlighting features.  WYNN 5 also offers struggling students WebMaskingTM.  This patented feature highlights selected text on a Web page by line, sentence or paragraph while blocking out elements like advertisements. 

WYNN 5 allows users to highlight several pieces of selected text on the Internet and extract that highlighted text directly into a document with one mouse click; no cut and paste required.

Other new WYNN 5 features include:

  • Redesigned browser module to support students in reading and studying 
  • Updated Web Toolbar for navigation 
  • Ability to study and work within WebCT and other educational courseware sites 
  • Redesigned speech interface permitting the use of SAPI 5 speech technologies giving users their choice of synthesizer 
  • Enhanced printing options 
  • Built in Pop-up Blocker 
  • Reads Internet email 
  • Talking online form completion 
  • Compatible with Flash, and Java Applets

"Support for struggling students is no longer limited to text books," said Elaine Huot, M.Ed., educational consultant and language specialist.   "Using WYNN 5, students can broaden their resource base to include material on the Web.  Coupled with the WebMasking feature, my students can better focus on and comprehend Web material. It is a lifeline for many students that WYNN 5 now extends its multi-sensory approach to assist all learning styles in working more effectively with the Web."

WYNN 5 users may also access all standard WYNN features that include:

  • Seeing & hearing text simultaneously
  • Ability to visually customize text pages for reading 
  • Study tools including spell check, highlighting, text note, voice note, dictionary and thesaurus 
  • Ability to access virtually any type of text including printed pages electronic text, Web sites or PDF

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