FutureCom Announces Voice Prompt Health Checklist

COLUMBUS - FutureCom Technologies has developed a checklist of things to consider when evaluating the health of your voice prompts:

  • System upgrades - Have you upgraded to a newer system?  Are your prompts sounding worse after you've tried to convert the old prompts for the new system?  It's important to have your prompts converted properly so there is no loss in quality. 
  • Multiple voices - Do you have several different voices throughout your applications?  Enhance your image and improve your customers' experience by recording the prompts for all your applications with one voice.
  • Inconsistent volume - Is the volume of your prompts consistent throughout your applications?  Think of the overall customer experience.  Consistency in voice and quality makes the customer's experience more positive.
  • Distracting noises - Do your prompts have breaths, clicks, or other noises in them?  Recording prompts on older or low-grade equipment, or converting prompts from one system to another can result in poor quality prompts. Make sure your prompts are recorded to work optimally with telephony systems, for the best customer experience.
  • Recording method - Were your prompts recorded at a studio that mostly records commercials and music, doing telephony voice prompts on the side?  Your prompts will sound better if recorded specifically for IVR systems.  Using the right equipment, method and experienced personnel all result in higher quality prompts.
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