GM Voices Launches Voice Brand Audit Program

GM Voices launched its Voice Brand Audit Program. This analysis of an organization's voice brand focuses on the quality and consistency of the prerecorded voices heard on automated telephone systems including automated attendant, voice mail, automatic call distributors (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), speech recognition and messages on hold.

The process starts with dozens of "Secret Shopper" calls being placed to a company's various offices and departments and recorded. These phone calls are then transcribed and embedded into a menu driven multimedia CD ROM that allows senior executives to see, hear and experience their company's voice brand as it is presented to customers every day.

The resulting voice brand is often a patchwork of receptionists, clerks and technology provider voices. From hard to understand directions and bored welcomes to complicated call flows and poorly worded scripts, it's usually a rude awakening for the executive who owns the brand or company image.

"Companies spend millions on advertising and marketing campaigns to convince prospects to call and buy," according to Marcus Graham, Founder and CEO of GM Voices, Inc. "But all too often when the calls come in, the prospect is met with a series of obstacles they must overcome to make a purchase. Those obstacles include difficult to understand call flows on an ACD or Automated Attendant, poorly routed call flows and amateurish recorded messages. A Voice Brand Audit gathers information that allows management to make sound decisions on improvements."

It's all about customer contacts - the Voice Brand Audit CD ROM that's included with each audit lets an executive hear the real thing. How is a call handled in Minneapolis? Just click a link. What is a customer's experience in Seattle? Click a link. What happens to prospects who call in Orlando? Click a link.

Each Voice Brand Audit includes recommendations from the experts at GM Voices on how to improve the current voices, call flows, scripts and more.

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