GM Voices Partners with IVONA Text-To-Speech

GM Voices, a provider of professionally recorded voice prompts for interactive voice response,, speech recognition, and other automated voice systems, has announced a partnership with IVONA Text-To-Speech.

To coincide with the announcement, IVONA has released the Joey and Kendra U.S. English voices from GM Voices’ roster of professional voice actors. The voices highlight IVONA’s newly launched IVONA 2 TTS upgrade featuring BrightVoice technology.

Looking to bring its software stateside, IVONA had an immediate need for U.S. English voices. Offering dozens of voice actors recording in weekly sessions, and hundreds of voices altogether, GM Voices was a natural fit to elevate IVONA’s American presence.

“GM Voices helps us expand into different language markets as a one-stop partner. The new Joey and Kendra voices have had an immediate impact on winning business,” said Lucas Osowski, CEO of IVONA Text-To-Speech. “Companies interact with customers in more ways than ever today and so have a need for flexible yet consistent voice branding. This partnership, offering life-like TTS coupled with the ability to easily blend real human prompts in the exact same voice recorded at the industry's flagship voice studio, squarely meets the needs of modern communications."

GM Voices, an advocate for greater emphasis on voice branding—improving the caller experience by making the voice more consistent with a company’s image in the marketplace—was likewise impressed with IVONA’s ability to make TTS sound natural.

“The focus at GM Voices has always been about making automated voice systems sound more natural and life-like,” explained Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices. “In text-to-speech, the IVONA system is clearly among the most natural-sounding technology I’ve heard. They’ve made a substantial leap forward in natural sound quality. In modeling their computer-generated TTS voices on our natural-sounding voice actors, it’s truly a win-win for IVONA partners and end users. First, they get a higher quality, more natural-sounding application. Second, they get access to these voice actors on a regular basis for front-end greetings and menus recorded in that talent’s real spoken voice. The transition from a natural spoken greeting recorded by the actor in the studio to a TTS-generated prompt is often unnoticed. Altogether, it’s a big win for the caller experience. And that always ends up on the bottom line.”

Europe’s most demanded languages are currently in development, with other popular international languages. Many more are coming soon.

Now, at GM Voices, companies can order IVONA TTS consistent with their voice branding. With IVONA Rapid Voice Development technology, TTS with new, custom voices can be delivered in weeks.

Joey and Kendra record for GM Voices weekly. Their natural voices can be quickly sampled at www.gmvoices.com/voice-samples  and more thoroughly on the GM Voices media player: www.gmvoices.com/listen  (Select Weekly, English US, Joey/Kendra).  To sample Joey and Kendra in IVONA 2 TTS, visit www.ivona.com www.ivona.com/ . 

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