Genesys Initiates Partner Certification Program for VARS, Developers and Integrators

SAN FRANCISCO - Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. released a new reseller, developer and systems integration certification program for customers when they use the Genesys suite of contact center software.

The Genesys Partner Certification Program complements its existing InterActs and InterWorks partner programs by certifying all of the key capabilities required for a customer implementation, including technical training, lab systems, implementation experience, and a set of professional services and support processes. The program is designed for VARs, applications developers and system integrators that have resources, expertise and support infrastructure dedicated to the Genesys platform.

Partners who meet a set of requirements and pass an application and audit process will be branded as Gold Certified in particular product areas. Genesys Gold Partner certification is available to all levels of existing partners, including premier, strategic and global. In addition, under the program, a partner may choose to be certified in the entire suite of Genesys products - including inbound voice, outbound, multimedia, workforce management and Genesys Voice Platform - or to meet a narrower set of requirements, such as limiting their certification to the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP).

To qualify for Gold certification status at either the suite or GVP level, a partner must meet the following criteria:

  • A proven history of customer implementations within the past two years
  • A full lab system in place for all Genesys products certified and supported
  • Extensive employee training for all Genesys products certified and supported
  • Professional services methodologies and practices in place and adhered to
  • Support infrastructure, personnel and practices in place

Gold Certified Partners will be recognized by qualifying for use of the Genesys-approved logo, receiving exposure and branding through the Genesys Partner directory. In addition, Gold Certified Partners will receive marketing benefits and technical tools and enablement services provided only to Gold partners. 

On an ongoing basis, re-certification is required every two years to maintain Gold certified status. The same processes and requirements must be met for each re-certification period.

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