Gerber Life Taps Nexidia

Gerber Life Insurance has signed on to use Nexidia Discover, Analyze, and Evaluate to manage contact center agent performance and provide improved customer service in the contact center. The company will launch the solution using Nexidia’s OnDemand Hosted Services.

Nexidia Discover automatically mines interactions between agents and policyholders, identifying the most significant issues and trends. This provides immediate visibility into the critical issues driving customer interaction behavior, the company said. Nexidia Analyze provides a set of reporting and analytics tools to help companies understand what is driving issues, identifying root causes through advanced analysis of key areas, including interaction drivers, average handle times, first call resolution, and interaction correlations. Nexidia Evaluate benchmarks best practices of top performing agents who provide the highest level of customer service to policyholders. All agents are then trained according to these best practices, with targeted coaching specific to the needs of each individual. Evaluate tracks agent performance across all teams and individual agents to monitor improvements and best practices. 

"Customer interaction analytics uncovers business issues that impact customer experience as well as the bottom line," said John Willcutts, Nexidia's president and CEO, in a statement. "With in-depth analysis, Nexidia helps determine the best actions to take to bring about impactful change. Monitoring and continuous improvement in the contact center ensures the customer is constantly receiving top-notch customer service." 

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