Google Launches Accelerator on Voice & AI

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Google has named 12 voice app platform providers to participate in the first Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI.

The companies, which include Babbly, Bespoken, Conversation Health, nedl, Oto.ai, Piffle, Powow AI, Simbi, Talkatoo, TinyChef, Voicify, and Vowel, will collaborate with the Google Assistant team to solve several challenges related to voice and artificial intelligence, namely moving users from Action to Action with greater ease and intelligence. The accelerator is a 10-week program running through mid-May and will end in a public demonstration May 20.

Babbly provides parents real-time insights on their babies' speech and language skills and recommends personalized activities that promote children's development.

Bespoken provides automated testing, training, and monitoring for voice applications and devices

conversationHEALTH enables conversational agents for patients and healthcare professionals in clinical trials, medical affairs, and commercial lines of business.

nedl gives users their own live call-in radio stations that transcribe, amplifiy, and monetize audio creators' words as they speak.

OTO is a spin-off of SRI International, building an acoustic engine capable of delivering non-semantic insights (intonation, emotions, laughter) from voice streams in real time,

Piffle is a voice gaming platform that aims to nurture professional wellness through conversational gameplay.

Powow uses AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights.

SiMBi combines learners' narrations with the text of a story to create an engaging audiovisual book.

Talkatoo provides dictation software specifically for veterinary and medical professionals.

tinychef is a voice-first culinary AI platform that helps consumers in their kitchens with grocery planning, grocery shopping, and cooking their meals with interactive experiences on smart speakers.

Voicify's cloud-based platform helps companies design, build, and deploy voice apps, chatbots, and other conversational experiences across voice assistants, chatbots, and social media platforms.

Vowel combines collaboration and communication platforms into a single, integrated meeting tool.

In introducing the 12 participants, Google said the companies are "a diverse set of voice startups from the United States and Canada. Collectively, these 12 selected companies are leveraging voice user interfaces to solve complex challenges across accessibility, education, and care."

"We're excited to be working directly with Google to help solve some of the biggest technical challenges in the voice and conversational space today," said Alex Dunn, director and principal architect at Voicify, in a statement. "By learning more about how users interact with individual Actions, we can design systems that cut across multiple experiences built on Voicify while bringing the best answers and conversations to the end-user and making conversational Actions more discoverable."

"The current acceleration in voice adoption by both users and brands is faster than we had expected. We are excited to be recognized by Google and chosen to collaborate with their teams," added Jeff McMahon, CEO of Voicify, in a statement.

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