Grundig Business Systems Releases a Wireless Dictation Microphone

BAYREUTH, Germany - Grundig Business Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of dictation solutions, released a wireless dictation microphone. The DigtaCordEx connects with the PC through a USB port for recording dictations. Grundig Business Systems is also increasing its activities in the United States to offer corporate and outside counsel a new option for dictation software and hardware. The DigtaCordEx features an extra battery option to allow for more recording time. Users can move inside a 33 feet radius. A visual and audible warning is issued when a user moves out of range, while the dictation is saved in the temporary memory for voice data. Grundig Business Systems will released new models of its dictation recording devices with an international slide switch. The mobile dictation devices Digta x4015 DS and Digta x415 for power users come with a USB docking station for file download and battery charging. The desktop dictation device DigtaProMic x840 USB allows one-thumb controlling through the four-position slide switch and provides mouse control for PC navigation. Using speech recognition technology, the new DigtaSoft Enterprise speech solution transforms spoken words into written text. Authors can choose whether to correct the recognized text themselves or to have their secretary handle correction. Due to the software's network architecture, all devices are managed centrally and integrate remote workstations or home offices. Introducing the enhanced version of DigtaSoft 3.1 dictation management software, Grundig Business Systems expands the control functions for dictation machines with an HID interface. The software also recognizes the settings of USB microphones. Further products which have been introduced to the US market include:
  • The portable Digta x4015 DS Premium with docking station is a dictation device with 64MB internal memory. An Info function permits separate instructions to be given to the secretary, while an Index option finds a particular place in a dictation by enabling users to insert jump marks. Files can be prioritized for transcription as well as excluded from the automatic download via the postponed status utility. Seven folders and three author IDs facilitate file organization, processing, and archiving.
  • The Digta x415 is geared to extended daily use. It is a dictation device offering password protection functionality, delivered via a mobile phone style four-digit PIN.
  • The Digta 405 is operated via push buttons. It has 32 MB internal memory which allows for up to five hours of digital dictation.
  • The DigtaTranscription Starter Kit for small dictation networks includes transcription software, USB headphones, and foot pedal. The software is installed via a wizard and can run up to 10 workstations on a network.
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