Healthx Launches Conversational IVR Assistant

Healthx, a provider of healthcare engagement technologies, has introduced the Hx Provider IVR Assistant. It analyzes voice input and delivers quick, consistent, and complete answers conversationally

"The administrative burden of providers' work leads to increased contact center volumes, and with national averages showing that 60 percent of calls are related to routine tasks, delays in addressing these calls can lead to potential delays in care," said Mark Rapoport, CEO of Healthx, in a statement. "We are using our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and engagement cycle to simplify and streamline requests that were previously managed by the contact center. Providers reclaim their time, and payers experience reduced call volumes and significant ROI."

The Hx Provider IVR Assistant complies with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and is a cloud-based solution that leverages a centralized data source. It includes the following:

  • Conversational AI technology that uses natural language understanding, deep learning, and cloud computing;
  • Unique, personalized responses for processes such as billing reconciliation management, insurance verification, and patient education facilitation;
  • Consistent, accurate information that is maintained across any of the Hx Virtual Assistant channels; and
  • Content, context, and rich metadata made available through built-in reporting and analytics.

"We are experts in engagement at Healthx, and for more than twenty years, we've been developing innovative solutions that enable our payer partners to deliver superior customer experiences," Rapoport added. "We've launched the Hx Provider IVR Assistant to ensure the business of excellent care and engagement are both scalable and sustainable."

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