Holland's Ministry of Justice Encourages Deployment of Persay's Biometric Speaker Verification

Holland's Ministry of Justice passed a new law encouraging the deployment of biometric speaker verification technology, provided by Persay Ltd., to monitor 'hooligans' banned from attending soccer games. Persay's system will be deployed in a number of European nations through Elmo-Tech (a subsidiary of Dmatek Ltd.) and operated by ADT Monitoring Services.

The monitoring system assists the police in ensuring that hooligans, convicted of initiating and participating in violent acts and banned from attending soccer games, will comply with their detention period and will be remotely monitored from their homes during the games.  The Dutch police force chose this monitoring system.

The system is programmed to randomly call the banned fans at home during the soccer games and to verify them by their voiceprint. The speaker verification system is designed to work on various telephone networks, independent of language and accent, taking into consideration various environmental scenarios such as background noise and changes in a person's natural voice patterns.  Calls cannot be redirected via "follow-me" to mobile phones and the system is able to detect recording/playback attempts.

Persay's technology was deployed in additional applications of remote time and attendance.  One of Persay's systems is presently used by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States and replaces physical attendance with remote attendance in immigration offices for immigrants possessing temporary visas.

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