IPI Partners with Aculab to Add Voice Biometrics

IPI, a contact center specialist, is partnering with Aculab, a provider of telephony hardware and software, to integrate Aculab's VoiSentry voice biometric system into IPI's speech recognition applications to reduce friction during the identity and verification process (ID&V) in the contact center.

The partnership will amalgamate Aculab's VoiSentry voice biometric technology into IPI's ID Me product suite. Aculab's VoiSentry voice biometric system allows IPI, as part of its speech recognition applications, to verify customer identities through their unique voiceprints. Customers using IPI's tool will see a reduction in the ID&V process from 38 seconds to as little as five seconds, with the process fully automated within the inbound call flow.

"The ID&V process is a necessary part of every call into the contact center, however, it can be a cause of great friction in the customer's journey," said Steve Murray, solutions director at IPI, in a statement. "Our upgraded ID Me suite, now using Aculab's VoiSentry voice biometrics system, smooths out this process, speeding up the identification process and reducing the agent's call handling time, adding additional security and assurance into the verification process."

"When we created our voice biometric system, we set out to make this advanced technology—usually the reserve of large-scale, big-budget contact centers—available to the mid-market contact center. VoiSentry does just that," said Alan Pound, founder and CEO of Aculab, in a statement. "IPI is a great partner for Aculab, having both the in-house expertise and the right product set to get the most out of our technology and to ultimately deliver the best solution to their customers."

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