IPeria Introduces Open Standards Enhanced Services Software

BURLINGTON, MA - The new version of the IPeria ActivEdge Enhanced Communications System software is built on an open standards architecture that uses industry-standard components and interfaces. ActivEdge enables VoIP carriers to deliver services such as voicemail and auto-attendant. ActivEdge also provides features such as voice e-mail and notification services. "IPeria has developed a truly groundbreaking architecture for delivering enhanced services to the carriers," said Stevan Vigneaux, IPeria president and CEO. "It uses a Web-like design that allows carriers to implement whatever level of scalability and survivability they desire or need. ActivEdge systems can range from thousands to millions of subscribers. ActivEdge provides the subscriber with essential must-have features such as voicemail and auto-attendant that can be customized and extended to enhance productivity and convenience." "This new version of ActivEdge is a significant step forward from previous carrier voice mail offerings ," said analyst Joe Gagan of The Yankee Group. "We know that service providers are heavily considering the openness of the platforms that they put into their networks more than ever before. IPeria's open, standards-based architecture is the type of platform that carriers will be considering going forward. The IPeria solution provides voicemail functionality and messaging functionality previously just found on a CPE solutions, such as integrated messaging, auto-attendant and self- provisioning capabilities. Based on what carriers are offering their customers today, which is for the most part low-level voice-mail service, we believe that it is about time that they start offering feature rich solutions such as what IPeria is offering," he said. ActivEdge implements industry standards including SIP, VoiceXML, LDAP directory services, IMAP4 message stores, and Java, plus open APIs including JMDK, JMS, JNDI, and JAIN. ActivEdge software runs on any qualified Sun Solaris, Linux or Windows server hardware.
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