IXI Mobile Teams with ScanSoft to Provide Voice Interface for Feature Phone Operating System

PScanSoft's VoCon Mobile has been integrated into IXI-Connect OS, a phone operating system enabling device manufacturers to offer an integrated voice user interface. Speaker-independent voice recognition and speech interface increase voice usage and enhances overall usability of IXI-Connect OS handsets and messaging devices.

The new VoCon Mobile XGT (formerly smARTspeak XGT), to be integrated into IXI-Connect OS, includes new features such as "waking-up" the device from its always-on stand-by mode by saying a trigger word, and dialing by speaking a person's name or number. With VoCon Mobile, the phone responds whether users say "John Smith, office" or "Dial +12021110023." In addition, the phone recognizes menu navigation and call handling commands and offers trainable digit dialing that can be adjusted to a user's accent. ScanSoft VoCon Mobile also adds a new voice feedback capability that gives users audio confirmation of spoken names, numbers, and other commands. This is done by "reading" from the phone's contacts list using ScanSoft's advanced text-to-speech technology - delivering a true hands-free and eyes-free solution.

IXI-Connect OS is a mobile operating system designed for feature phones and data-centric devices. IXI-Connect OS also features PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) technology, which allows a mobile phone to wirelessly Internet-enable a variety of application-specific PMG companion devices such as messaging terminals, watches, cameras and MP3 players.

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