Imaging On Call Achieves Full Speech Recognition with Integrated Document Solutions

Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), a provider of Web-based, modular health documentation solutions, and Imaging On Call (IOC), a teleradiology provider, today announced the successful implementation of a teleradiology solution using 100 percent speech recognition and template-based reporting.

Using a thin-layer, cloud-based approach, IDS and IOC were able to deploy, in less than 30 days, a solution that automates report creation, advanced formatting, and distribution that today supports more than 30 radiologists around the world serving more than 70 hospitals and medical facilities. IDS stated that similar server-less and RIS-less implementations are rare in the marketplace.

Imaging On Call, whose previous automation initiatives proved problematic, praised the initiative. “The implementation of this enterprise dictation solution was the smoothest of any major clinical IT project we’ve ever experienced,” said Sean Kowaliw, director of clinical services at IOC. “The IDS answer was lightweight and ready to use, allowing us to leverage our existing investments in speech recognition and providing us with a new level of workflow efficiency, management and consistency. Best of all, our radiologists like it, and the reports look more professional and are more consistent."

“Our cloud-based approach and Voice2Dox speech recognition product allowed us to manage all of the complexity on our back end, deliver a more streamlined routine for radiologists, and provide a unified, highly centralized process for managers without the need for a server,” said IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve IOC and to prove that effective speech recognition, automated distribution, and custom reports are a reality and can be implemented quickly and practically without major hardware or software investments.”

Previously, IOC radiologists had to invoke separate applications, cut and paste text into the PACS, and help route the report back to the right parties. The IDS solution features highly individualized and automated Web-based accounts, frees radiologists from performing numerous manual steps, and provides a single point for managing templates, among other proprietary features.

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