Instreamatic's Voice AI Platform Opens Up to Professional Union Talent for Ads

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Instreamatic, a provider of voice and audio marketing solutions, is now enabling companies to engage The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists performers for contextual audio ads created and distributed using the Instreamatic platform under the terms of SAG-AFTRA's new Dynamic A.I. Audio Commercials Waiver.

The Instreamatic platform enables companies to create and use contextual audio ads, which combine original audio recordings of actors with digital voice synthesis and advanced artificial intelligence to produce dynamic content. For example, ads customized with A.I.-generated dynamic voice elements can speak to a listener’s specific location, weather, time of day, or the name or type of the app or streaming platform the listener is using.

Companies can fully leverage Instreamatic’s contextual audio ads and SAG-AFTRA voice talent, while voice actors are assured full and fair compensation. Actors must provide consent prior to their digital voice replicas being used, are paid for every commercial created, and receive additional payment when commercials air. Ad producers must receive new written consent and pay new session and digital use fees for additional original ads.

The waiver agreement also requires ad producers to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of voice material and prevent unauthorized use of actor voices by third parties. Additionally, ad producers must delete all copies of actors' voices at the end of the employment relationship.

"Contextual audio ads that dynamically deliver customized content of specific relevance to each listener are a game-changer for brands when it comes to capturing audience attention and achieving engagement," said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic, in a statement. "Those ads perform their best when brands are able to enlist top voice talent. We're exceptionally proud to have helped in the development of an equitable agreement with SAG-AFTRA, one that secures actors' interests by requiring fair compensation and consent, ensures brands' access to union actors, and unlocks the vast efficiency and potential of our technology going forward."

"The Dynamic A.I. Audio Commercials Waiver our Commercials Contract Standing Committee and National Executive Committee approved allows SAG-AFTRA members to safely work with companies like Instreamatic, who are leveraging technology to create more effective, personalized advertising. The waiver terms require consent, fair compensation and critical protections, providing new job opportunities for union performers in this burgeoning space," said SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, in a statement.

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