Jedox GmbH Releases Worksheet-Server Extension to Create SOAP Compatible Web Services

FREIBURG - Jedox GmbH released another enterprise solution for Microsoft Excel: A new Worksheet-Server extension enables business analysts to create SOAP compatible Web services using Microsoft Excel. Through this technology, Excel users from operational or technical departments across the enterprise can now create Web services, using their knowledge directly without having a programming specialist code it. These Web services can then be accessed through any SOAP compatible architecture like .NET, Java or SAP NetWeaver. The new technique is demonstrated in detail on a Web site that can be accessed via www.jedox.com.

The basic maintenance like authentication, application control or database transactions will remain in the responsibility of IT specialists in the centralized data processing departments. The managerial, commercial or technical contents however can be developed and kept up-to-date within the departments themselves. The result can be made available to their addressees in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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